CARTIER. A gem-set and enamel 'Chinoiserie' compact

The annular case, centring on an ivory plaque inlaid with a water dragon scene composed of red and black lacquer with gold detail, emerging from waves composed or mother-of-pearl, within a border of turquoise accented with clusters of ruby cabochons, the surrounding case applied with black enamel, opening to reveal a mirror and powder compartment, circa 1925, signed Cartier London, New York, Paris and numbered 0370, French assay mark for gold. Plaque attributed to Vladimir Makowsky. Literature: Cf. Cartier, The Cartier Collection Precious Objects, Flammarion 2012, P.238 for a picture of the original drawing, Cf. Hans Nadelhoffer, Cartier Jewelers Extraordinaire, Thames & Hudson 1984, P.33 for a photo of a table powder box with a very similar motif. Cf. Franco Cologni and Ettore Mocchetti, Made by Cartier, Abbeville Press, P.88 for a full-page picture of the original drawing. Cf. Sylvie Raulet, Bijoux Art Déco, Editions du Regard, P.303 for another citing of the original drawing.

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