Our Collection

CARTIER. A yellow gold 'safety-pin' brooch
CARTIER. An Art Deco amethyst and diamond brooch
DUSAUSOY. A pair of diamond brooches
DUSAUSOY. An Art Deco platinum and diamond brooch
An Egyptian Revival enamel and agate stickpin
RENE BOIVIN. An Art Deco rock crystal and diamond brooch
SUZANNE BELPERRON. An emerald, ruby, citrine and sapphire brooch
An 18th Century ruby and diamond 'Sacred Heart' brooch
A natural pearl, sapphire and diamond brooch
A diamond flower brooch
JANESICH. A rare Art Deco emerald, onyx and diamond brooch
FABERGE. A rose-cut diamond serpent brooch
CARTIER. A yellow gold, ruby and enamel brooch
STERLÉ. An articulated diamond brooch
An Art Deco aquamarine and diamond brooch
Two gem-set and diamond 'falcon' stickpins
CARL FABERGÉ. An emerald and diamond-set coin brooch
A turquoise, ruby and diamond 'Frog' brooch
RENE BOIVIN. A pearl and amethyst 'Clou' brooch
A yellow gold, silver, enamel, ruby and diamond butterfly brooch
A pair of impressive diamond brooches
An impressive Art Deco diamond brooch
SUZANNE BELPERRON. A citrine brooch
RENE BOIVIN. An amethyst and diamond 'Grappe de raisin' brooch
RENE BOIVIN. A citrine 'Pont' clip brooch
DAVID WEBB. A coral, emerald and diamond brooch
RENE BOIVIN. A diamond butterfly brooch
SUZANNE BELPERRON. A citrine brooch
RENE BOIVIN. A ruby, emerald and diamond 'Feuille' brooch