Founded in Madrid in 1875 by four brothers; Fernand, Jules, Leopold and Jacques, it subsequently opened boutiques in Biarritz, Saint-Sebastien, Paris and finally took over Faberge’s shop in London in 1920. They participated in L’Exposition des arts décoratifs of 1925 and were a significant force in the world of jewellery during the later named Art Deco movement. During the 1920s and 30s Lacloche were especially influenced by Japonisme, often using jade, enamels, coral, onyx, or moonstones. The house’s most important piece was probably the diadem created for the Duchess of Westminster in 1930 using the Arcot diamonds and a diamond which had belonged to George IV. Lacloche pieces can be recognized by the following signatures; Lacloche, Lacloche Freres, and later Jacques Lacloche. The house finally closed its doors in the 1950s.