Since his appearance in the contemporary artist jewellery world in 2008, Theodoros has become a name whispered fervently by jewellery collectors and aficionados around the world and he has accrued a discreet and loyal following. Conversations with Theodoros reveal a contemplative and philosophical soul whose drive in his art is based on an intellectual curiosity and sensitive exploration of life and his environment.  Unusually, he is an instinctive jeweller rather than the product of formal training. This freedom has produced a body of work that is wonderfully eclectic and surprising, his signature being his attention to detail and dedication to beauty rather than calculated collections around a single aesthetic. He is passionate about gemstones, especially old-cut stones, and the individual characteristics of each stone influence the design as much as the design influences the choice of material in his work. Theodoros formed his own workshop very early on in his career and selected exemplary artisans to work exclusively for him. This decision has created another signature to Theodoros’ work as there is a particular synergy between conception and realisation that is very rare to find. In this environment the originality of the vision is never compromised by the rigidity of conformity or economy, both artist and artisan can flourish, and the result is the very best in high jewellery.