The french jewellery house was founded in 1918.  Originally from Kiev in Russia, Alexandre Marchak moved to Paris at the age of 26 and opened his boutique at 4, rue de la Paix.  By the end of the 1920s he had established an excellent reputation not only in Europe but also in America.  Exhibiting alongside Robert Linzeler, with whom he was an associate for a period, at the famous Paris exhibition of decorative arts in 1925, he was awarded a "grand prix" for his pieces inspired by the Orient in black laquer and mother-of-pearl.  However, the pieces with which the name Marchak are most associated today are the works of the 1950s and 1960s when Alexandre's son had taken over the reigns.  During this time the house worked closely with Jacques Verger and, similarly to his friend Pierre Sterlé, was very inspired by birds and flowers.  Amongst other beauties, this inspiration gave birth to many forms of gem-set yellow gold birds. These often incorporated the signature articulated rope work tassels which were are also seen in Pierre Sterle's creations, and enable a movement of such fluidity as to evoke the movement of a bird's plumage