In 1977, identified only by a discreet set of initials on an otherwise mute window, Joel Arthur Rosenthal opened his boutique Place Vendome, Paris.  With an artistic formation, Harvard education and a period in the film industry behind him, Joel Rosenthal turned to nature’s mineral pallet to compose his artistic vision.  Without the constraints of a traditional jeweller’s concept of which stones are worthy of fine jewellery, Joel Rosenthal found an endless spectrum of coloured stones with which to paint. The tireless support of his partner Pierre Jeanet, and a devoted team of craftsmen, has given Mr Rosenthal the freedom to conceive the works of wonder that have made him, despite remaining publicity-shy, an international figurehead for contemporary artistic jewellers.  JAR creations are defined by their constant innovation and thirst for unusual mediums to challenge our perception of often recurrent themes within jewellery, such as flowers or butterflies as well as utterly out-of-the-blue forms.  At their heart is an instinctive dedication to the jewel itself, often resulting in a painstaking process taking months, often years, to finalise. Each step is overseen by Joel and Pierre, including to whom the jewel will eventually belong.  This exclusivity has added to the often-frantic bidding when a JAR jewel appears at auction.  Other than in museum collections or adorning society’s finest, these rare appearances at auction are the only glimpse we get of these magical forms.